Week 4 New York Football


  1. Eli did not have a good game.  It looked like the Saints were trying to take the deep stuff away but that’s no excuse.  He has to find a way to make completions longer than 5 yards down field.  Those 2 overthrown balls to Odell hurt.
  2. Odell needs to be involved EARLY.  I don’t know what the coaching staff needs to do to make this happen but it has to happen quick.  The last thing the Giants need right now is Odell frustrated.
  3. The defense…….They let Kamara do whatever he wanted.  Possibly because they have to respect Brees upfront but still…they have to do a better job stopping the run.
  4. Whoever the guy is that they put back there to return kick offs needs to be unemployed ASAP.
  5. I hope Eli Apple and OV are comfortable.  Someone check to see if they need extra pillows.


  1. Growing pains.  Ya’ll have a rookie  QB trying to figure it out.  He’ll get better every week.
  2. I’m guessing play calling is an issue.
  3.  Flags are a problem AGAIN this year.
  4. That’s all i got.  Get me the info on the Jets game and I’ll fill this part in.

Week 3 New York Football


  1. The offensive line as a unit played MUCH MUCH MUCH BETTER.
  2. Wheeler had a decent first half then J.J. Watt big banked him in the second half.
  3. The blocking by the O Line helped with making the run game look legit.
  4. Eli didn’t have to run for his life the entire game like he did week 1 and 2.
  5. We got the win but the defense could of been better.  They gave up 444 yards of offense.  The Saints will kill them if they play like that next week.
  6. Kudos to the coaching staff figuring things out.


  1. Darnold had a rough one.
  2. They did a good job running the ball.
  3. Rough loss giving the Browns their first win in 100 years.
  4. Robby Anderson needs to put some weight on and hit the gym.  He’s an easy strip fumble.
  5. I dont know what the issue is.  Coaching?  Ya’ll tell me.

Week 2 New York Football


  1. The Offensive line was OFFENSIVE.
  2. Terrible job running the ball (offensive line)
  3. Terrible job throwing the ball (offensive line)
  4. I know he’s running for his life for the majority of the game but…Eli has to do a better job of making plays when they are there.  This is tough because we all know his internal clock got sped up from all the pressures.  He needs to take more chances…easy for me to say when I’m not the guy standing their waiting for a 275 pound train coming at me full speed….still has to happen.
  5. The coaches need to figure out how to game plan around the offensive line.
  7. Defense needs to stop getting tricked by QB keepers.  They look dumb chasing the wrong guy.
  8. Sterling Shepard needs to step up.


  1. Sam Darnold looked pretty good minus those 2 picks
  2. Robby Anderson needs to eat a burger.  He’s too damn light.
  3. Powell has probably been the most consistent Jet.
  4. Jets offensive line is decent even though they struggled to run block.

Week 1 New York Football

NY Giants:

  1. O-line trash
  2. Engram choked
  3. Giants defense looked OK
  4. Too many drops
  5. Flowers needs to do some soul searching

NY Jets:

  1. Sam Darnold is pretty good
  2. Detroit is pretty bad
  3. Jets defense looks like it can win a few games on its own
  4. Jets O Line is way better than the Giants O Line.
  5. Todd Bowles probably smiled tonight