The Giants Lose their minds and trade Odell Beckham Jr

We all feel the same way.  We traded away one of the most valuable assets in the NFL for what seems like peanuts. 

This is my alternate view point:

What if Gettleman and Shumur looked at the last 4 games and decided the Giants can score without Odell? Scores for the last 4 games of the season:

40-16 W

0-17 L

27-28 L

35-36 L

Minus the 0-17 loss to the Titans the Giants were able to move the ball without Odell.  If they proved they can be productive without him while having a shaky right side of the offensive line, why not listen to trade offers?  With Odell the Giants wouldn’t be good enough to compete for a Superbowl so why not get assets so the Giants can build through the draft and get ready for 2020?  They’ll have a ton of cap space in 2020 with Eli coming off the books, the makings of a pretty good offensive line and whoever they draft in 2019.  There’s a chance the Giants aren’t in a long rebuild.   Maybe its not all bad. What say you?