Knicks beat Dallas…Again.


Very proud of how Knicks fans treated KP last night.

Knicks got a long way to go:

29th in points per game – 100
30th in Field Goal Percentage – 41.9
29th in Point Differential – -9.6

Here’s to hoping the Knicks can put a few of these performances together. Cheers.

Early Chris Rock and dem:

Knicks Game Night: KniCKs Vs Dallas

First off….Fuck that big injury prone Drago lookin piece of shit. Back to our regularly scheduled programming:

Last game recap:

I feel like they just need to realize who’s hurting them and steer clear of giving them minutes. Bobby Portis is giving them TERRIBLE minutes on both ends of the floor. They have to figure out how to keep him on the bench. Ellington is so damn inconsistent. I want to say don’t play him at all but some games he gets in and hits 4 threes. It might be worth committing to playing Trier as the SG off the bench. He’s younger and if developed the right way, he can drop 15 to 20 a night.

This Wiseman situation bugs me. I can almost guarantee without even looking Wiseman doesn’t come from a middle to upper middle class family. Penny didn’t put money in the kids pocket. All he tried to do was help his family move so they’re close enough to support their kid and the NCAA decides to deem him ineligible. I understand we are talking about 18 year olds that probably never been more than 20 miles away from their families but its about time for these kids to start considering playing overseas. If you’re a top 20 prospect, you can kill over there and the scouts WILL travel to see you. Stop making the NCAA filthy rich off your back

“but but…they’re given a free year of college”……what’s that going to do when you don’t plan on finishing?

Rant done. Enjoy the game!

Oh and: