Dennis Smith Jr Fixing His Jumper

There’s not much going on until NFL training camp starts so I figured I’d post an article about Dennis Smith Jr working to fix his jumper. Question: If he really does fix his jumper, what does that mean for the starting lineup? Does Payton still start?

Article here:

A Day of Mourning

When the certified bitches Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant decided to not even give the Knicks a meeting and signed with the Bogus Nets it threw the Knicks organization and fans into a tailspin. For months Knicks fans fantasized about upgrading their roster with at least 1 top tier free agent only to agree to contracts with Julius Randle, Bobby Portis, and Taj Gibson, Reggie Bullock, and Wayne Ellington.

What could the Knicks do? Kyrie’s mind was made up already and Durant also decided he was going to Bogus before the Knicks could contact him. That put the Knicks in a tough situation. They still want to be competitive while they rebuild so they signed a few PFs and SGs. Julius Randle isn’t a bum. Neither is Bobby Portis. The only questionable signing I see is Taj Gibson. Maybe the plan is to have him mentor the young bigs on how to defend? That’s a guess on my part and it still wouldn’t be a good use of resources.

In any case, the knicks are here. They’ve signed a bunch of guys to 2 year deals and will most likely be looking to trade them at the end of their contracts. All we can do now is HOPE RJ Barrett, Knox, and whoever else the Knicks draft next year and the year after pan out. That would be the best way to sell the Knicks as a destination. Chin up gents.

Julius Randle Highlights (Guy did average 21 and 9 last year. He does get buckets):