Knicks lose to the Wiz 119-112 (pitiful)

The same issues we’ve had in losses were issues in this game so I want rehash those. The new issue I see is the lack of vocal leadership. We can say whatever we want about Lebron but he always holds his teammates accountable. We’ve seen him rip into Kevin Love and Kyrie when they weren’t doing their jobs. I expect the same leadership from Melo when things aren’t going the way they should. There’s no reason Brandon Jennings should have the burden of speaking out when the team isn’t performing. If Melo wants EVERYONE to see him as he sees himself, he has to lead.

This team seriously needs to get it together…it would be a whole other thing if they didn’t have the talent to get it done but they do. That’s the most frustrating part.


Knicks lose to the Raptors 107-118

1. Not knowing who’s switching to who
2. Players running to the basket uncontested
3. KP being the tallest guy on the court and getting violated by everyone he defends
4. KP being the tallest guy on the court and only grabbing 4 boards.
5. Kyle O’Quinn not being able to defend bigs and committing ticky tack fouls.
6. Lance Thomas getting minutes and giving the team absolutely nothing valuable.
7. Late close outs to the 3 point line.
8. And yes, Toronto hit a bunch of contested shots on top of our defensive lapses.

Highlights tho: