Knicks On A Three Game Win Streak

This win streak is good and bad.  Good because it can potentially show free agents that the team isn’t as bad as their record. Bad because it FUCKS us in the race to the bottom.  Last thing we want is a pick outside the top 5.


Knicks Game Night: Knicks vs Pelicans

This should be a pretty painless L.

One thing I want to say about the Thunder game:

Why in the world would Fiz have Tim Jr guard Paul George?  There’s no way that makes sense……..if you’re actually trying to win game…hmmmmm.  Is Fiz being a good tank driver by making bad coaching decisions or is he just being a bad coach?

On another note, I need answers:

Knicks Beat Dallas 118-106


We really need to talk about this Dallas squad.  On paper, Dallas should have won that game.  Luca Doncic and Dennis Smith Jr should have been enough combined with Barnes, Matthews. and Jordan.

THIS IS THE PROBLEM WITH WANTING MORE FROM THIS SQUAD!!  Think on how Mitchell Robinson is progressing.  Think on how Dotson and Trier are playing.  If these guys get better through the year, and Knox comes back and progresses at the same pace as these guys, we will win games we need to lose.  I know it seems far fetched but these kids are young and soaking up everything.  I don’t want a team that just misses the lottery.  That’s not a successful year to me.

Still……I did enjoy the game.  *shrugs*