Fighting With This PC

Feb 6, 2016

Quick update on my PC fight:

Even after reinstalled Windows 10 it crashed again.  The issue was with the drivers that came with either the motherboard for the video card.  After I did another install I went to the vendor sites and downloaded the latest and greatest drivers for both the motherboard and video card.  I was able to run windows update with no further issues.


Jan 18, 2016

Yesterday I finally decided to start building my computer: For reference, the parts are:

  • X99A Godlike Gaming motherboard
  • Corsair AX1500i power supply
  • 64 GB RAM
  • Samsung EVO 850 500G SSD
  • 4TB HDD
  • Intel i7 5930k
  • Corsair H110i GTX cooling system
  • MSI GTX 980Ti Gaming 6G video card (Nvidia)
  • Cooler Master Cosmos 2 full tower
  • Windows 10 pro

I’m sure I’m forgetting something.  I finished the build today and I felt GREAT.  I took pictures of the system settings and all that. feeling proud.  Time to start making sure all my patches are up to date and that I’m not missing any drivers.  Still feeling good.  Windows update starts and as usual it wants me to restart my PC. Sure. Why not.  I hit restart and BAM!  Windows crashes and says its collecting information about the error.  Not a good sign.  My system starts rebooting and where you’re supposed to see an OS loading screen I see a blinking cursor.  I’m thinking “all I have to do is wait a few minutes. It will boot”.  I wait 30 minutes and nothing happens.  I say fuck it…I might as well do a reinstall. I’m not that far along where a reinstall will hurt.  I start the install and get to the part where I have to choose a drive to install on.  Of course it won’t let me install on my SSD.   I can’t reformat it or anything.  I wind up having to do the install on my HDD, create a bootable “Parted Magic” USB,  unplug the power from my SSD, boot into “Parted Magic”, plug the power back into my SSD, and erase the disk.  THEN after all that reinstall Windows 10 on my SSD.  I finished the install an hour ago but I had to get that off my chest.

Tech shit.