2012-2013 Knicks (Memory Lane)

Lately we’ve been dealing with A LOT of bad basketball.  The other night a bunch of us reminisced about the last time the Knicks were actually “GOOD”.  Those 2012-2013 Knicks.  Lets spend some time watching some of the highlights from that season.  Hopefully it will help our mood.  Shout out to that team.  (for large and hollis)God bless Mike Woodson for drawing up those plays LOL!!!!!!!

Top Plays:

We were the Golden State Warriors before the Golden State Warriors:

Felton cooks Miami while Melo sits:

That was a really good year for us.  Hopefull…..HOPEFULLY Phil can figure out this roster.  Fingers crossed.

Derek Fisher Fired!

He was begging to get fired the last month of his coaching tenure.  Saying he doesn’t call plays and not being upset if they missed the playoffs….that sounds like a guy that wants to go on vacation.  Congrats Fish! Enjoy your vacation!