The Tank Continues to Roll + The Unicorn is out!

Knicks vs Hornets Midlights

Listen, I’ve been saying this for the longest:

Porzingis is not the answer. He’s a nice piece but he’s not Batman material and he’d ask for a contract like one. He’d never live up to that contract. Add to that the fact that he’s 7’3 and just has a fucked up ACL, maxing him out would be a terrible mistake.

So you get rid of a potential albatross, while dumping the two you had already in Lee and Timmy. You just freed up 71 mil in cap space. That’s HUGE when you consider this FA class.

And you get a nice young piece like Dennis AND two first rounders?

Dennis is 20 years old and just got you a triple-double at MSG. He can be your PG of the future. So fuck drafting Ja. We gotta draft one of the Dukies now.

DeAndre has some value. You can get a 2nd rounder or so out of him. Do it.
Matthews is a nobody nowadays. He’s beyond washed. Just buy him out.