Melo Trade

By Sandro Guedes

So, it’s done. Melo shouldn’t have been a Knick for at least 3 years now, as Phil should’ve never re-signed him in the first place. Phil’s first move as a Knicks President should’ve been to trade Melo ASAP, before the age decline and the crazy NTC. But he didn’t, so the Knicks were fucked with Melo from that day on. And this trade just shows it. The Knicks traded an All-Star for two bench players and a 2nd rounder. They weren’t even able to net a 1st rounder (late as it could’ve been) or a young player (and by young, I mean a rookie\sophomore). We traded one player that plays zero defense for two players that play zero defense. The compensation for that? A 2nd rounder. Amazing uh?


  • Knicks get rid of a disgruntled star and all the drama that would happen on the locker room with him in NY next season.
  • Knicks become an even worse basketball team, which means their pick would be even higher. Suddenly, we have a shot at Doncic, Porter or Bagley.
  • Knicks payroll got lower.


  • Knicks weren’t able to get a single 1st rounder NOR a rookie\sophomore out of this deal. At least one of these assets for an All-Star was mandatory, but the Knicks are incapable of winning a trade.
  • The Knicks are now paying 35+ million dollars to two centers – Noah and Kanter – when neither of them is starting material. That’s a lot of money on bench bodies.
  • Knicks couldn’t get Lance or Noah – our two overpaid bums – out of here in the deal. The chance to get rid of them was using Melo’s value. Knicks fail again, not surprisingly.

All in all, getting rid of Melo was needed. But doing so while not getting a single quality asset back, is ridiculous. Taking back bad contracts or bad players would be okay, and we all know it would have to happen. But a compensation for it was needed. A 2nd rounder isn’t nearly enough that. I understand that the Thunder don’t have many 1st rounders to throw around in trades, but they have Terrance Ferguson, a rookie who happens to play Melo’s position too.

The Thunder win this trade. They get an All-Star – a declining one, but still – while getting rid of players they didn’t want to have in the first place. The Knicks don’t get anything of value back for Melo. Getting back the same package WITH Terrance, would make it a fair trade for both teams. Getting back the same package WITH Terrance and a 1st rounder instead of that 2nd rounder, would’ve been a win for the Knicks.

The Knicks lost their best player – one that leaves few to none good memories behind here – and they’re now a bottom 5 team in the NBA. Knicks fans, you’re better off watching college ball this season than the NBA.

Our happiness depends on Bagley, Doncic or Porter now. Frank isn’t top 10 material and Porzingis ain’t #1 option material, so this team will be absolutely pathetic this season. For the sake of your own good health, stay away from watching a lineup of Sessions – Timmy – McDermott – Willy – Kanter (not) playing defense out there.