Why “The Long Night” Sucked!!!

by Sandro Guedes

I’m not bothered by Arya being the one killing him.

It’s just how it happened. You hype this demigod up for 7 seasons, you talk about ‘winter is coming’ for all that time and then winter lasts one night. Daenerys tries to kill him with dragon fire, nothing happens. Arya stabs him with Valerian Steel – whose main component is dragon fire -and he dies.

Dude is a super bad guy and didn’t even take out his sword the whole battle. The whole dothraki army gets killed in 20 seconds but the rest of the army holds up for 200 minutes.

They had the Dothrakis leading the charge before even knowing that Melisandre was showing up to light their weapons up. So the Dothraki were gonna be useless with those weapons and they had them set up for the first strike.

How the fuck did Sam survive this? Tyrion, Sansa, Misandei. They aren’t fighters and were surrounded by thousands of wights a lot of times. Ser Jorah’s armor was able to withstand a Dothraki weapon before but gets pierced by one arrow thrown by a dead mofo.

C’mon man. The holes in this episode were just too much. What was Brann doing the whole episode? You hype him up as this magical Three Eyes Raven and he plays no part in the final battle whatsoever.

And then you got the Night King holding Arya with his hands without consequences for her. Need I remind you that Brann got hurt by the NK holding his arm for 2 seconds? Arya gets grabbed by the throat and it’s all good. They gave the entire cast a huge amount of plot armor. Everyone was supposed to be fair game in GoT. That was the beauty of the show. The fact that no main characters died in the biggest battle is a plain joke.

Now if Arya can skip past an entire army of wights, the White Walkers crew AND the Night King without being seen, what’s the point of the battle of Kings Landing?

Just send this girl alone and she’ll handle Cersei with the quickness.

They ruined the entire show. There were terrible ends to Lost, Prison Break and HIMYM. GoT just joined that list and it’s a fucking shame because it was the only TV show in history who didn’t follow the prototypical rules.

Fuck them.