Knicks Game Night: Knicks vs Warriors at MSG

Quick Reminder:

  1. We will get destroyed tonight.
  2. We WANT to get destroyed.
  3. We are OK with the young guys trying hard the entire game to show KD they have fight but that’s it.

Things To Look Forward To:

  1. Improved pick and roll defense.  Tim Jr and Kanter jawing at each other should be a sign to Fizz that they need more work there.
  2. Watching Frank guard KD.  This should be more funny than anything.  My guess is he’ll have 2 quick fouls in the first and sit most of the game.  Kid is too aggressive sometimes.
  3. We finally get to see Mudiay this season.  I read somewhere he practiced this week.
  4. What will Fizz do with the rotation now that Mudiay is available?
  5. Since GS will force the Knicks to run, will Robinson get more playing time.

It should be a terrible game but we need to wrack up these Ls.  Don’t stress too much.