Pros & Cons: Frank Litty, Frank Sinatra, Frank White

By Ciroc_NesBoogie

Side Note: I watched as much as I could, but to keep it bean, that still isn’t enough. So take this with a grain of salt.


  • He can shoot. Spot up and off the dribble. He loves to play around the screen to get his shot off (with success). I like his form, could use a slightly quicker release.
  • Mid range is solid for the most part, he looks comfortable taking and making it.
  • Lengthy, willing defender. Hustles. (hate those terms lol)
  • Unselfish (I guess).
  • Doesn’t seem to force much. Shot selection is pretty mature. (Maybe he knows his role…)
  • Has family in the health business


  • Need some milk, still 18 though. Doesn’t really absorb contact very well.
  • Might want to add some moves to his arsenal. But I guess the triangle doesn’t require a simple step back.
  • Doesn’t really use his size vs smaller defenders.
  • Could be a little more aggressive, but I guess that’s what makes him a Phil guy.
  • Handles could use some fine tuning. Could be decent, not great. Struggles against on ball pressure.
  • Free throws need some work (but I think he’ll be much better at it at the next level)
  • Awkward finisher around the rim, but whatever works for him. Looks very old school. He missed far too many layups that I thought he should be making, especially when he could’ve easily just dunked it. He occasionally starts his layup gather a little too early and far out, resulting in a sloppy attempt.
  • He either needs to take longer strides or take an extra dribble to get a bit in range.
  • Vision is bleh. Nothing special. Not really a con, just thought I mention this.

Overall: He’s still a young boul, so he’s still growing. He’s obviously not gonna be perfect, but the things hecan work on are not out of this world. I like the kid. If things don’t workout at PG, we should have a fairlydecent SG. I don’t know where the George Hill comparison or 2nd Round talent label came from. Still wouldn’t have drafted him over Smith though.