NBA Mock Draft 2017

BY Sandro Guedes

  1. Boston Celtics – Markelle Fultz

Isiah Thomas is too short to win in the NBA as a starter. He’s very close to his decline and is set to ask for more than 25 mil per on his next contract. So Ainge shouldn’t care about Thomas’ feelings and should just draft Fultz and trade Isiah this season, before he’s an expiring contract.


  1. LA Lakers – Lonzo Ball

He’s from LA, he’s a passing first PG and has all the hype in the world. Pairing that hype with LA will do wonders for such a dormant franchise. He’s a very tall PG that loves to create for his teammates. You know who else was of that mold? Lakers own GM, legend Magic Johnson. It just makes too much sense. They can move D’Angelo to his natural NBA position (SG) and make Clarkson a perennial 6MOY candidate.


  1. Philadelphia 76ers – Josh Jackson

It looks like Philly is set on using Simmons as their primary ball handler. That pretty much removes the Sixers from chasing a PG in the draft, considering that they can get one in free agency when all they need is a defensive minded PG that doesn’t take the ball out of Simmons hands on offense. Jackson can score and defend on the wing, which they’ll need with Ben playing on the perimeter most of the time.


  1. Phoenix Suns – Jayson Tatum

I believe Phoenix should draft Fox and trade Bledsoe, but I don’t think their GM is that smart anyway. So I guess they’ll take Tatum. Him and Booker are young and can score in bunches, which appears to see what Phoenix values. That’s a franchise that has never valued defense in their history, so having a great scoring 1-2 punch might revive the organization.


5.Sacramento Kings – De’Aaron Fox

Fox is exactly what Sacramento needs. He plays defense and is not a shoot first PG. The Kings are set to make Hield their offensive priority, so pairing him with Fox makes a lot of sense. They already have an athletic Center in Cauley-Stein and can chase Markkanen with their #10, so it’s between a PG and a SF for them. Considering that Jackson and Tatum would be gone already, they’d have to take Fox.


  1. Orlando Magic – Dennis Smith

Remember when Portland didn’t draft Jordan because they had Drexler? Remember when Detroit didn’t draft Melo because they had Prince? Well, those were mistakes. And it would be a mistake for Orlando to pass on Smith because they have Payton. Smith looks like the superior talent, by far, as Payton looks more and more disappointing with each passing season. Smith has franchise player potential, and the Magic desperately need that.


  1. Minnesota Timberwolves – Jonathan Isaac

Rubio – LaVine – Wiggins – Towns. That’s their core. What they need? A defensive PF who is athletic enough to run the floor with the crew. Isaac is the best fit for them and, at 7, he wouldn’t be that much of a reach. This pick makes so much sense that it might not happen though.


  1. New York Knicks – Frank Ntilikina

Frank is the last top PG I’d want in this draft class, but he looks to be exactly what Phil loves. His size and defensive prowess make him the prototypical Triangle PG. And we all know Phil Jackson will draft with the Triangle in mind. I’m not a big fan of Frank but, at 8, beggars can’t be choosers.


  1. Dallas Mavericks – Lauri Markkanen

Why Markkanen? Because Dirk. Cuban won a championship with a stretch 4 PF. He’s got Dirk signed for one more season, so he’d be a great mentor for Markkanen. No one expects the kid to be as good as Dirk was, but the Mavs have no other chance but to reach for the stars in this.


  1. Sacramento Kings – Malik Monk

What better story than to pair up Monk and Fox in the NBA like they were in College? Granted, the Kings already have Hield for that 2 spot. But he may not be the answer down the line. Monk is, worst case scenario, a good 6tth man of the bench for his career. That’s a gamble the Kings need to take. He’s the best available prospect at 10, and in that range, you can’t be too concerned about fit. If Monk balls out, you can trade Hield. If Monk becomes “just” a good 6th man, that’s something any NBA team needs. So while it doesn’t make much sense at first, it can do, in the long run.