Pure Facts

0-4 without Melo this season ! I mean don’t get me wrong i wish we won all 4 games. But this games just showed that we still pretty much depend on Melo to do the heavy lifting and all those who were saying Trade Melo we’re going to be just fine without him,this is KP’s team etc are nowhere to be found. And they were saying this after few decent games from KP,some of them even went as far as saying that KP is better than Melo which was blasphemy ! Again don’t get me wrong i very happy with the way KP is playing,he is exceeding the expectations i had for him before the season and i should be the least surprised since i followed his play overseas. But he is not ready,he is not the same without Melo. Even on a bad shooting nights Melo requires so much attention that it makes it easy for everyone else to score. How to stop Melo is always on opposing coaches scouting reports,every time a team plays us stopping Melo is their primary objective. And let’s be honest here,if KP was in Minny or Philly the media wouldn’t talk as much as they talk about him right now.I mean i understand it’s NY and all that,don’t get me wrong He deserves some praise but i feel the media is starting to overhype him way too much. Towns and Okafor have been no short of sensational right now,Towns is having the best rookie and he is not even in TOP 15 when it comes to all star voting,because he plays in Minny lol After few decent games from KP folks were ready to trade Melo. I mean really All this years we wanted sidekick for Melo and when we finally got that some were like “Nah,let’s trade Melo,this is KP’s team right now” . Don’t get the thinking behind this,but hey i guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion lol