Knicks lose to the Bucks 91-106

I got some stuff on my mind:

  1.  We all know Melo and KP feed off each other.  The numbers say they should be on the court together as much as possible.  If we know this, why would Fisher pull a move that takes those minutes away?  When Melo bumped knees with Giannis Fisher subbed Lance Thomas in.  When Melo was ready to get back in Fisher sat KP. WHY do that?  Lance and Melo?  Of course, the offense didn’t look right at that point.
  2. What in the absolute fuck was Fisher thinking having our guards press MCW?? The entire basketball community knows MCW has zero jump shot.  Wouldn’t that clue you in on the fact that you need to make him a perimeter shooter?  Not 1 time out called to adjust the defensive game plan all night.  The fact that MCW had 20 points is disgusting.
  3. Robin Lopez is stealing money right now.  He’s getting paid near 14 million this year and this fool had 1 rebound.  1. 7 feet tall. 1 rebound.  He’s the only “defensive” Center that plays defense with his hand hip level while guarding a shooter on the perimeter.  Greg Monroe murdered him.  Every time Lopez was in the game Monroe knew it was time to score.  For the money Lopez is getting that should NOT be the case.
  4. We are in dire need of a drive and kick starting PG.  Calderon dancing around the perimeter isn’t helping us at all.  When his shot isn’t falling he’s a complete liability.
  5. And of course, the officiating was horrible.  Fisher is scared to eat a fine to protect his players.  Damn near every game Melo gets hammered and the refs swallow their whistles. At some point you have to tell the world “I see what’s happening and its disgusting.”.  Take the damn fine.

Blame for this game falls on both the coaches and the players but in my mind the coaches take most of the blame.  You can’t give minutes to guys that hurt the team and you have to make adjustments when the plan isn’t working.