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One of the only issues I had with this game was the 4th quarter. They played fast all game and as soon as they got to the 4th they slowed down.

Scoring by quarter:

1st: 34

2nd: 31

3rd: 31

4th: 19

The other issue I had was Thibs not benching RJ when he was struggling. I guess he kept him in because he thought he’d get it together…..and he did. *shrugs*. A wins a win.

KnicksFanTV post game:


THE GIANTS WIN!!! I heard somewhere that this was only the second time the Giants won game 1 in 12 years. Not a bad way to start the season. few thoughts:

  1. Kenny Golladay is stealing money. They’re paying him way too much just to have a guy named Richie James outplay him.
  2. Pass rush was non existent. Hopefully that gets better when Kayvon and Azeez get back.
  3. The O lines pass blocking was very very bad.


Jets defense had a couple bad plays, especially the penalty on Joyner leading to a TD was a neck breaker. Other than that, they played a really nice game. They stopped the run, rushed the passer and DJ Reed and Sauce Gardner will be one of the better CB tandems in the near future.

Offense was a no-show. Especially the offensive line, there is no chemistry and no continuity in this unit due to injuries. The only positive was Max Mitchell – he held up, not bad for a raw fourth round rookie.

Breece Hall and Ace Carter are ballers, Garrett Wilson got moves and needs the ball more. Same with Elijah Moore. Not everything on this team is bad, OL and QB play are tho

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